1924 MS65 NGC St Gaudens $20 Double Eagle Coin

Published: 10th August 2011
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The Ultra Higher Relief Double Eagle gold coin of 2009 is a recreation of the original Augustus Saint-Gaudens' 1907 significant relief $twenty Liberty Double Eagle. It is minted by the United States Mint. The generating of the unique stopped in 1907. Because of to stacking difficulties only minimal relief coins ended up minted. In 1933 the producing of the total series wash halted as a result of Roosevelt's Gold Confiscation Purchase.


The encounter price of the Ultra Substantial Relief Double Eagle gold coin is $twenty. It is created from 24-karat gold. The coin weighs precisely one Troy ounce. The fitness is .9999 Very good. The coin's diameter is 27 mm (one.063 inches). Its thickness is 1.seventy five mm (.69 inches). It must be noted that the Ultra Large Relief coin is 50% thicker than all other 24-karat pieces minted by the US Mint.

Reproduced Design Capabilities

The principal factors of the design of the original Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Double Eagle are precisely reproduced on the 2009 piece. On the heads there is the actual identical Liberty structure with all functions currently being preserved. The tails feature a flying eagle with 14 sun rays behind it - precisely as in the original. The edge of the coin has the genuine 1907 lifted edge-lettering. The inscription "E Pluribus Unum" is current on the edge with the phrases remaining separated by stars.

Accepted Present day Factors

The 50 states of the Union are honored with 50 stars on the heads aspect of the Ultra Significant Relief Double Eagle gold coin. In the 1907 unique only 46 stars, which corresponded to the selection of states back again then, were existing. This is a key difference that must be mentioned. Roman numerals are inscribed to the year of minting - MMIX which is 2009. The design of the letters is identical to the original ones, but it is not the exact same. The inscription "In God We Have confidence in" is current on the heads facet of the Ultra Higher Relief gold coin. The phrases do not seem on the authentic items, but they have to be positioned on every last coin minted by the US Mint because of to the recent state regulations.

Obtaining an Ultra Relief Coin

There are many destinations where you can buy an Ultra Relief gold coin, from a coin vendor, at a jewelers, from a further numanistics(coin) collector or you can consider a pawn brokers or auction home. With these last two alternatives you can generally pick up a genuine bargain, the pawn broker has not too long ago develop into trendy once more with numerous persons seeking for a loan devoid of crippling interest rates, the pawn broker provides a extremely reasonable answer, thus if you take a look at an individual you could effectively decide on up a superior bargain. Alternatively there is of course, eBay, the largest marketplace in the earth, with hundreds of distinctive forms of gold coins on supply including Ultra High Relief coins.

As a valuable metals investor, you may heard much about numismatic and "semi-numismatic" coins, specifically the St. Gaudens $20 double eagle gold coin. When coin collecting can be an helpful pastime, it is not always connected to metals investing. Coins of this form differ in price with the ebb and flow of the collector market place and are not strictly tied to metal appeal.

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